Q. What is UBTool?
A. UBTool is First Unique Software For Repairing Unknown Baseband Problem In Samsung Android Phones

Q. Why You Create Another Application and not imported this To Main ASANSAM application?
A. Because of How important is This Error And some problems in ASANSAM Main Application we decide to create another app for this

Q. Are we need pay for this?
A. NO this is Absolutely Free For ASAN SAM Users

Q. I open This Applicaion But in Most Models Options are Disabled why?
A. UBTool is base Software for this Version (1.7.2) we just release this application but in short time we add all UB File for repairing UB Problems so Stay Tuned with us and wait for them its dont take long time

Q. What is UB File and where can i download it?
A. UB Files Is Special Unknown Base band Files For repairing this error we add These files so soon in new solution we found we can cover all Samsung Android Phones for Repair Unknown Base band but becaus eof limitation of access to some phones we need our respectful user help for this you can contact freely with