new version of our PDA Flasher is out. Several bugs has been fixed thank to you. Mainly W960 issue, however P990 issue has been also modified and should work now without problems (need to be tested).

P990/M600/W950/P1/W960 SonyEricsson PDA Flasher v1.06 by Cruiser Team

Cruiser+ PDA Flasher is flexible tool which allows you to flash your SonyEricsson PDA phone.

You can download it from our support area :

or rapidshare here

- Free for all Cruiser+ users (don't forget to plug your dongle to USB).
- Simple GUI
- Many flash files already on support area, but we are preparing a package of new ones according to your requests at one of our threads.
- Check for PDF guide at directory "Documents" or here:
(login/password = cruiser)
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