Dear all,

we have just released new version SonyEricsson Full Unlocker via TestPoint with Security Zone repair possibility. The CruiserSuite TP Full Unlocker v1.01 now supports also full (permanent) unlock of all DB2012 phones via single (one) TP . For work you need UC-20 TestPoint cable and CruiserSuite dongle.

IMPORTANT: All other TestPoint solutions force the phone address bus pins to 3.3V which is exceeding its maximal allowed voltage almost twice. Only the UC-20 TP cable was designed to prevent this and avoid likely flash chip damage. UC-20 TestPoint box is a current limited variable voltage power supply with connection sensing feature.

CruiserSuite TP Full Unlocker v1.01 release info:
Added support for full unlock of DB2012, CID 50,51,52,53
DB2012 single testpoint full unlock
Recovery mode feature for DB2012 - using testpoint stage 2
Minor fixes
Updated user guide

All features of CruiserSuite TP Full Unlocker software:
Component of Cruiser Suite (once you have Cruiser Suite dongle, you can use it).
Simple to use & failsafe
Supports full unlock of all DB2020 plattform based SonyEricsson phones
All current DB2020 CIDs are suported
Supports full unlock of DB2012 plattform based phones, CID 50, 51, 52, 53; by one (single) TP
This software is for all users who can disassemble the phone - also for inexperienced ones. (For disassembling phones, we recommend to read proper SonyEricsson service manuals.)
TP Full Unlocker does not destroy phone calibration data (so typical for SeTool ... )
For the phone safety, TestPointing requires UC-20 TP cable.
Unlike other amateur solutions which use external battery connection to the TP, our software uses specially designed UC-20 cable which can handle different bus voltages and prevents any potential flash chip damage.
TP is done in two stages. Once you complete TP stage 1 you don't need to repeat it anymore. Phone is then bootable via the 2nd testpoint anytime.
PDF manual is available after installation as usual in Documents folder

You can download this latest version from our Downloads section or directly from this Rapidshare link.

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