Cruiser Team brings you a new experimental version of D - Flasher Unlocker for S1 phones

* No card / dongle needed!
* Only 0.01 supreme credit per phone flashing! (during experimental time period)

For unlocking, see Classic consumption in the complete consumption table.

Experimental version of D - Flasher Unlocker for S1 supports Cruiser Suite S1 flash file format (*.s1fl)

Please try it and report your experiences.

Download here

Supported phones:

* S1 - Locosto (all, AID-03 included): J132, K330, R300, R306, T250, T270, T280, T303, W205, Z250, Z320
* S1 - Neptune (all, AID-03 included): F305, S302, S312, W302, W395

Installation notes:

Unpack and run the S1FlasherUnlocker.exe application.

If you need to install drivers, please download and install latest D-Ultimate Unlocker from Home - Ultimate Unlockers and install the appropriate drivers.
After the driver installation, run the application again.

Release notes:

Experimental Version 2.14 [091204]
- Initial experimental release
- Online flashing & patch unlocking of S1-Locosto and S1-Neptune phones
- Requires supreme credits
- No dongle required
- Free & standalone user code reset feature