16 Feb 2007: Moto02 v1.36 list of changes:
.Moto W220 sp-unlock improved (v1.15A)
.Moto W220 sp-unlock improved (v1.220)
.Moto C168i model supported
.Moto W220 sp-unlock improved
InfinityUpdate_Moto02_v1.36.rar (2040 KB)

15 Feb 2007: VkMob01 v1.23:
.VK530 unlock improved for "Claro" lock
InfinityUpdate_VkMob01_v1.23.rar (1543 KB)

14 Feb 2007: KModule v1.01:
. Motofone F3 write firmware/language pack
. high speed supported
. format ffs
. reset defaults
. clear call history
InfinityUpdate_KModule_v1.01.rar (1333 KB)

14 Feb 2007: "ChineseMiracle" v1.18:
.ask/rpl operation improved
.error detection improved
.MT6226, MT6227 detection improved
.eeprom structure detection improved
.firmware structure detection improved
.language names detection improved
.Zetta-A10 model removed from list as useless selection
.MT6226+ detection improved
.ASK to RPL service to repair power-on problem
InfinityUpdate_ChineseMiracle_v1.18.rar (2054 KB)

10 Feb 2007: M-Module v1.36 list of changes:
.Gradiente GF500
.Fly SL600
.Aiko-17G operation improved
.LG KG190, KG200 flash read/write/unlock/user code
.LG KG300 flash read/write
.SkyZen EZ500, EZ800 model supported
.I-Mobile 306, 510, 600, 601, 602 models supported
.Voxtel VS600, VS800 models supported
.Gradiente Vibe unlock improved
.I-Mobile 308, 508, 603, 606, 901 supported
.Asus V80 supported
.Konka M910 in test
.Konka C966 supported
.Aiko 17G supported
.Spice-S640, S8 supported
.Ezio/Elson MP500, E800, SL308, SL388, ESL808, SL900 supported
.SkyZen EZ400 supported
.Spice S900 supported
InfinityUpdate_MModule_v1.36.rar (2044 KB)