05.05.2009 LG Rocker v1.09 released

Whats new :

* Added writting Country Code for OTP models (U300, U310, U450, U880, U890, U900)
* EFS reading improved (Will not work with all models !)
* Uploading custom PXO modules is now enabled (Useful for "hackers" )

In order to perfect our support for OTP models, we added Country Code update. Due to limitations hardcoded into some firmwares, these models needs flashing in some cases.

For example, You have an UK U300 phone. In order to get it working, You must flash IT firmware into phone using LGMDP software.
After flashing, phone will start with YELLOW SCREEN ! In order to repair this, simply click "Write Country Code" in LG Rocker v1.09 and select "UK" from drop down list.
After this, phone will start normaly, and You can press "Unlock" button to get it working with all SIM cards.

Please download and install "LGRocker_v1.09.exe" from support.

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !