Phone found
sending loader
Receiving phone info
Checking security area
Dumping security area
Firmware Version: LGE440AT-00-V10c-ESA-XX-OCT-09-2013+0
IMEI: 356490-05-033686-9
Bluetooth Address: 40:B0:FA:59:94:AE
SIM lock: Unlocked
Network lock code: 3788741090238834
Service provider lock code: 5586836777639992
Network subset lock code: 1554981554400920
Corporate lock code: 6309616276035491
Simcard lock code: 5730109428939093
Info received
Restoring to factory defaults
Checking security area
Dumping security area
Security is backuped in Backups\E440_security_356490050336869_2014-9-2_8-2-13.sbf
Relaunch the handset to proceed with factory reset
Flashing security area
Factory defaults successfully restored