box SE updates** 04.06.2008 - DB2020 inside v4.8 - JAVA UNLOCK ADDED


04.06.2008 - DB2020 inside v4.8

Whats new:

- New PNX model W350 supported
- Supported T280 (flash only). If you have locked phone for test please contact me by pm
- DB2012 CID 53 supported use USB cable only
- Added upgrade file for DB2012 CID51,52 to
- Added new REST files for JAVA unlock method
- Read phone software version by cable supported

If you make any REST file which does not exist in installer please post it in this topic and we will include it in next installer:

Users who have installed "DB2020 inside v4.7.exe" can download and install "DB2020inside_v4.8_for_v4.7_users_only.exe"
New users need to download full installation "DB2020 inside v4.8.exe"

The software can be used also with ALL upgraded MT box Siemens and MT box Nokia to MT box SonyEricsson.
How to upgrade your MT box to MT box SonyEricsson unlimited