Octopus Box v. 1.3.7 is out! We have added support for GS1xx models and world's first support for GW305!

Octopus Box v 1.3.7 Release Notes:

1. Added world's first Unlock (by reading codes) via USB, Read/Write EEPROM via USB, Read/Write Full flash via USB, Write Firmware via USB, Repair phone after failed flash procedure for:

* GW305

2. Added Unlock (direct and by reading codes), Write Firmware, Read/Write/Repair EEPROM, Read/Write Full Flash, Repair IMEI for:

* GS100
* GS101
* GS101a
* GS101GO
* GS102
* GS105
* GS105GO
* GS106
* GS106a
* GS107
* GS107a
* GS107b
* GS108

Octopus Installer V1.3.7