IMPORTANT ADVICE (for all PolarBox2 Metal customers)

Hi to all community,

We desire to announce a new product called P3-CARD dongle.
This dongle will be needed for all METAL BOX users for upgrade his device to PLASTIC BOX

We (PolarTeam), has been releasing updates for METAL BOX version since 26-Jul-2006 (more than 5 years), so now, for continue working with next updates, will be necesary upgrade your METAL BOX with this device.

This upgrade is only for METAL BOX users, PLASTIC users not need it, so if you have it one, you can continue using your software and future updates without any problem.

For last, all users that upgrade his "old" box to new, will receive a special GIFT called GOLD LICENSE
This license will full activate your polarbox during 12 months, and you will be able to use all LICENSE services totally free and without limits.

For any questions, please go to our official forum and our supporters will kindly answer all your doubts.

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

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