29.11.2008 ODM Rocker v1.32 released

Whats new:

Added Motorola EM325 direct unlock and code reader (World First !)
Added Tracfone W175 security repair (World Unique !)
Added Tracfone W370K3 security repair

Model list reorganized
GUI Changed (please post Your opinion)
Small fixes related to communication
Added EXPERIMENTAL unlock for Motorola W388 and W396

About Motorola EM325:

Unlock solution is fully tested (code reader and direct unlock). However, we need as many full backups as possible. If You get such phone, please read full backup and upload here to forum upload section.

Here is sample log from code reading procedure:

Check if phone already booted
Power ON phone shortly
Searching device ...
Phone found
Sending signature
Sending boot
Sending signature
Boot sent
Boot Succesfully Loaded
Locosto HS
Flash: Intel RD384060MOY3CE 32 MB
Flash size : 33554432
FW version : DOC-4-034F-000
LP : DOC-0-0004-106
IMG : DOC-0-0004-022
MELODY : DOC-0-0003-011
FLEX : DOC-0-0005-204
Imei : 35248702020439
Reading lock codes
Please wait ...
Data : 0x0200
NCK code : 46974225 State : Unlocked
NS code : 22332508 State : Unlocked
About Motorola W388 and W396:

Direct unlock is not fully tested. So please try it only on Your own phone. If You are unsure about it, just read eeprom backup and upload to W388/W396 codes thread.

About Tracfones security repair:

We can not unlock K3 phones. But, now we can repair security if You have wrongly flashed it.
To repair this phone - reflash full backup from support including eeprom, and simply press "Unlock".

Please download ODM Rocker v1.32 from support area.

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !.