04.06.2010, SagemEG_V16.3 released.

What`s new?

- Added support for 15 new FW`s all with new boot;

- Added support for new model ZTE-G S317;

- Added support for new model EMPORIA V29i (world first);

- Confirmed support for new Zong Z100 model (world first);

- Confirmed support for cloned E-Gold Nokia 1600;

- Solved permanent "Test Poweron" problem (TMN Model V1);

- Solved problem "Illegal software" problem for some G1157 (REL_P1.2PU04V01.04) after bad unlocking with another tool

SagemEG_V14.x and V16.x requires single, unlimited paid activation!

Fastest and safest E-Gold unlocker.
All phones with old boot are supported also.
No exception!

Non stop updates in last 5 years.

SagDD support continues!