30.09.2010, SagemEG_V17.5 released.

What`s new?
- Added new FW`s:
- S318+, ES-PA-CW-P108A32FM(S)(U)V1.0.0B04;

-G1158, REL_P1.2FZ01V02.01;
-G1158, REL_P1.2ZA02V01.01;
-T155, REL_P1.2ZB01V01.02;
- Added network code calculator for EMPORIA TELME C121 (world fist );
-Improved server capacity (no more "Server busy" problem).
Fastest and safest E-Gold unlocker.
All phones with old boot are supported also
(absolutelly free for all registered SagDD and rocker dongle users).

Non stop updates in last 6 Years.

SagDD support continues!

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30.09.2010, SagemEG_V17.5 released.