21.05.2012, SagULC2plus_V22.3 released!

What`s new?

- Added direct unlock for new FW`s:


- S309, EF-ZM-BHARTI-P118A19FM(S)V1.0.0B01;

- S309, EF-KE-ORANGE-P118A19FM(S)(H)V1.0.0B01;

- S309, E-TZ-ZANTEL-P118A19FM(S)V1.0.0B01;

- S317, E-ZM-ZAMTEL-P118A20FM(S)V1.0.0B01 ;

- S500, E-ZM-MTN-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B06;

- S500, ERT-TJ-MLT-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B05;

- S510, EF-GA-BHARTI-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B03;

- S510, ERT-TJ-MLT-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B05;

- S510, E-ZW-ECONET-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B02;


-HUAWEI G2100V100R001MWIC74B102SEC;

-HUAWEI G2100V100R001MARC136B101SEC;

-HUAWEI G2100V100R001NICC13B203SEC;

-HUAWEI G2101V100R001MARC166B102SEC;

And now the cherry of the cake!
Two new functions added!
- Create BKP

- Write RPL
Both functions are added for testing new (world first ) solution for unlocking and repairing ULC2plus phones listed bellow.

-VF246 all,

-VF255 all,





-S309 new,

-S317 new,

-S319 new.

Do you have phone with damaged IMEI or corrupted Security area?

Do you want to repair/change IMEI or rebuild fully erased Security area?

Now you can, no matter how and with what tool it happened!

Both functions are standalone.

How it works?
Create BKP file, send it to support@sagdd.com, post also what IMEI you want to have.
We will rebuild new security area (rpl extension).
After receiving rpl file, place it in SagULC2plus_V22.3 folder and make Write RPL.
You will get repaired phone with original/new IMEI and unlocked Security area.

This offer could be used by all SagDD users temporarily.
At the moment rebuilding Security area require few minutes.
We are working on real time solution and to offer same solution for all ULC2 phones - ZTE, HUAWEI, Mi Phone and all others.

Something about future updates!
Till today SagDD supports some phones (G1101, G1000) by calculating NCK only.
So, if there is G1000, G1101 with damaged security area, we can help after receiving a sample, no matter damaged or in working condition.

Just for fun!!
We can relock phones to another operator (one or few).
As you know, unlocking with our present unlockers never kill phones, because we used safe unlocking algo.
Also with our unlockers you can in any time restore the phone to original condition by using Backup file.
Now with new solution is possible to repair damaged itself phones or phones damaged during unlocking with another tool!

Offered solution can`t solve the problem with dead phones.
Of course we can offer in the future flashing empty board, but this require some time for research after receiving samples of dead phones .

SagDD support continues!
Good luck!
SagDD Team!