Solution :
Run Latest Update of Inferno from Support Area
Need C:\Inferno_Volcano_MTK\log\logfile ( Must need all Files in this Folder )
Error Screenshot
Put all in One zip ( Rename With Your Volcano Box or Inferno Key Serial ) & Email to

Eg :

For " Volcano Has a Bind Expired , Plees Update with Internet "

Solution :
Run Latest Update of Inferno from Support Area
Make sure Your PC have Good internet Connection
Check your PC virus Guard / Firewall not Blocking Inferno exe
Avoid using Windows XP or Modified Windows Versions

For " Transfer parameter failed, the program is terminated.( Volcano ID : 6080xxxxx_B420005) "

Reason :
Using Windows XP or Modified Windows
Windows 7 Basic or Modified editions
Windows 10 64 bit
Using 3rd Party File Manager / Optimizer
Solution :
Use windows 7 32 bit Ultimate ( Minimum ) or Higher Version of 32 bit Windows Versions ( Windows 8.1 / 10 32 bit )

For "Inferno Lock Code 1002 "

Reason of this Lock Using Inferno More then 5 New PC or Reinstalling Windows 5 times or More

Email Clear Screenshot to for Unlock Your Inferno
We are Only Unlock Emailed Serials Only !! Others will Ignored

Note : Unlock Process take 1 day to 3 days

For " Inferno Lock Code 1004 "

Reason :
Using Windows XP or Modified Windows
Volcano Box or Inferno Key Drivers issue
Volcano Box or Inferno Key Damaged
Solution :
Avoid Above Reason's & Use Windows 7 minimum for Inferno

For " Softdog has Expired, Plees Contact the Agent for a Delay . Lock Code 1005 "

Reason : Your Inferno 30 Days Free trail or Your Yearly Support Activation Finished ( Expired )

Contact your Reseller For Activation
Give Him Your Inferno Serials Staring as [ For Box - 6080xxxxx ] [ For Key 3080xxxxx ]
Also Give Your 4 Digit Activation Code as Error Screenshot Shows [ ActivationCode - xxxx ]
Inferno Activation is Instant Online Based , If Get Late then Contact your Reseller for Late Reason .

Eg :

For " A debugger has been found running in your system. Please unload it from memory and restart your program "

Reason :
Using USB Analyzer
Using usb sharing tool (like Flexihub )
Solution :
Remove all Usb Sharing/analyzer tools from pc then restart pc

For " Inferno Lock 1006 "

Reason Of this Lock

Cracks ,
Software Launcher ( Total Commander )
3rd party File Managers
USB Redirector / Sniffer ( FlexiHub , Usb-Redirector , USB Host , USB Sniffer )
Modified Windows

No Solution For Inferno Lock 1006 , You Need to Replace New Volcano Box Or Inferno Key