05.01.2009 LG Rocker v1.04 released

Whats new:

Added support for MSM21302430 chipset
Added support for MSM4120452K chipset
Fixed a general flaw in the initalization of communication interface with phones (unable to start preloader)

Please download and install "LG_Rocker_v1.04.exe" from Rocker Dongle support.

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle !


Here is log with Brasil KF390Q which is not supported by any other tool on market!


Detecting phone...
Detected phone on COM8. Connecting...OK
Firmware: KF390Q-MSM4120452K-V10a-JUL-11-2008-BTM-BR
Current mode: NORMAL

Qualcomm chipset: MSM4120452K
Preparing phone for booting...OK
Sending preloader into phone...OK
Starting preloader. Please wait...OK
Sending ramloader. Please wait...OK
Starting ramloader. Please wait...OK

Unlocking your phone...
Reading data. Please wait...OK
Reading mirror data. Please wait...OK
Adding data to the Backup Database...OK
Current simlock state: LOCKED with FLAG0
Writting data. Please wait...OK
Unlocked OK