31.05.2009 Samsung Rocker v1.27 released

Whats new:

* Bug fixes :
o Startup fix - starting fast on old singlecore machines
o Soft can be started without comport present in system (no unlimited cycle with just logo and can make "rescan com port" after start)
o Fixed access vilation error when model selection is scrolled down on more models with cursor down key

__________________________________________________ _____

* New features :
o Added i780 direct unlock and read info support
o Automatic saving settings on exit (model, comport, etc)
o Added Rocker Dongle logo to main window
o Agere flash window is opened in space of service settings no more popup window in bottom of the main window
o Rewritten core and module sourcecode, soft should me much more stable now (needs testing )

__________________________________________________ _____

We have uploaded new version of QualCom eng. drivers to /Drivers/Samsung section at support. Please use it when unlocking phones from QC mode !

Link:4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download SamsungRocker_v1.27.exe