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- added testpoint for db2020 phones.
  db2020 testpoint idea made by dre_ambox team. 
  as i respected that, i not included db2020 testpoint in setool2 
  for a long time. but anything ends sometime.
  now, setool2 users can enjoy gdfs db2020 gdfs repair.

  1. it is only and only for professionals. 
     users,advanced users, please "go away".
  2. testpoint is +3.3 voltage, connected to specific pin. 
     we suggesting to use +3.3v battery 
     (battery ground MUST be connected with phone's GROUND)
  3. go to emptyboard fill & repair.
  4. select any db2020 model.
  5. press "TP STAGE #1". read instructions and execute them.
  6. press "TP STAGE #2". read instructions and execute them.
  7. phone is BROWN now. 
  8. staying on "emptyboard fill and repair" write correct gdfs_in_ssw format.
  9. if flashing went fine, flash db2020 erom with needed CID.
  10. phone now retail and repaired. fullflash phone as usual.
  testpoint pictures (courtesy of drea_mbox team) included.
  after SETOOL2 db2020 testpoint procedure phone FULLY 
  working in "alternative security bypass" mode without ANY restrictions.
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